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By Ankum Katharina von

Bringing jointly the paintings of students in lots of disciplines, Women within the Metropolis presents a accomplished advent to women's event of modernism and urbanization in Weimar Germany. It indicates girls as lively members in inventive, social, and political routine and records the wide variety in their responses to the multifaceted city tradition of Berlin within the Twenties and 1930s.
Examining numerous media starting from medical writings to literature and the visible arts, the authors hint gendered discourses as they constructed to make feel of and control rising new pictures of femininity. in addition to treating vintage movies resembling Metropolis and Berlin: Symphony of a very good City, the articles speak about different kinds of mass tradition, together with the style and the revue performances of Josephine Baker. Their emphasis on women's severe involvement within the development in their personal modernity illustrates the importance of the Weimar cultural adventure and its relevance to modern gender, German, movie, and cultural experiences.

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