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The ninety-six Anglo-Saxon riddles within the eleventh-century Exeter publication are poems of serious allure, zest, and subtlety. starting from average phenomena (such as icebergs and storms at sea) to animal and poultry existence, from the Christian thought of the production to prosaic household gadgets (such as a rake and 2 bellows), and from weaponry to the peaceable objectives of tune and writing, they're choked with sharp statement, earthy humour and, primarily, a feeling of ask yourself. the most textual content of this quantity comprises Kevin Crossley-Holland's newly-revised translations of seventy-five interesting and discursive riddles all these no longer very badly broken or impenetrably vague whereas one more 16 are translated within the notes. those translations are very largely anthologised in Britain and america. Sir Arthur Bliss and William Mathias set a few of them to tune, Ralph Steadman has illustrated them and Michael Fairfax has integrated them in his Riddle Sculpture.

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Transition to Flowering 29 The transition to flowering may occur quickly or slowly. In the latter case we usually find that the stem leaves begin to grow smaller again, and lose their various external divisions, although they expand somewhat at the base where they join the stem. At the same time we see that the area from node to node on the stem grows more delicate and slender in form; it may even become noticeably longer. 30 It has been found that frequent nourishment hampers the flowering of a plant, whereas scant nourishment accelerates it.

13 In many plants, however, they are more like the leaf in form. They become flatter; their coloration turns greener when they are exposed to light and air; and their vessels become more recognizable, more like the ribs of a leaf. Figure : Germination of the garden bean: I Seed opened, cotyledons separated to reveal embryo; II Bean in process of germination, one cotyledon removed to reveal growing embryo, the latter now with strong root and radically increased in size; III Advanced stage of germination 11 The Metamorphosis of Plants 14 In the end they appear as real leaves: their vessels are capable of the finest development, and their resemblance to the later leaves prevents us from considering them separate organs.

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