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There are trade-offs between equity and efficiency concerns. Efficiency gains seem greatest if taxes on investment income are reduced; equity objectives are better served if taxes on labor earnings are reduced. A combination of the two—using the revenues to cut both capital and labor taxes—would balance these objectives. Moreover, the distributional impacts of a carbon tax should be judged against the impacts of a business-as-usual policy. A number of studies predict that global warming would lead to higher food prices.

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21-47. A. W. S. Dept. C. A. W. C. , H. Pitcher, D. Barns, R. Baron and M. N. University Conference on 'Global Change and Modelling,' Tokyo, Japan, October. Hamilton, Leonard D. et al. Y. Jorgenson, D. and P. S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions: The Cost of Different Goals," in Advances in the Economics of Energy and Resources, Vol. 7, pp. 125-158, Greenwich, CT: JAI Press. Jorgenson, D. and P. S. Environmental Regulation," Journal of Policy Modeling 12, pp. 715-744. Kaufmann, Robert, H-Y Li, P. Pauly, L.

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