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The first activity introduces four children who have been referred to a clinical psychologist and raises questions about how, if at all, their behaviour is ‘a problem’. 55 56 CHILDREN’S PERSONAL AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT t Activity 1 Thinking about disturbed development Allow about 25 minutes This activity will develop your critical skills when reading about children with behavioural problems. Below there are four case studies which introduce children who have been referred to a clinical psychologist.

This was true for both secure and insecure type classifications on the two measures. Those children who changed from a secure to insecure (or vice-versa) classification were much more likely to have experienced major changes in their family circumstances. Taking these two sets of results together suggests that there is some support for the link between infant and adult attachment status, but that life events are also a potent factor in influencing adult attachment type. In a stable childhood, SST can predict adult attachment, but in a less stable ‘trajectory’ through childhood, other events can have both positive and negative effects.

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