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SET THE GROUNDWORK If you want to protect yourself so you do not end up trapped, then it is important that you continue dating other women until the time comes that the two of you have sat 41 down and had a heart-to-heart conversation. This way, you are keeping all your options open until the time comes that you and your special female friend have discussed what you want from each other. If she wants to remain friends only, then you still have other women to date but if she decides she wants a relationship with you, then you have control in focusing your attention on only one woman.

The same is true with the “friend zone”. Knowing how to stay out of it is much easier than trying to get out. Of course, if you do end up in the “friend zone”, we have shown you true, proven methods for getting out but if you can avoid it in the first place then you can position yourself to go after the woman of your dreams. THE GOLDEN RULE You need to start by learning the golden rule of rules – never tell a woman directly how you feel about her. If you start in with “I really like you more than a friend”, you have just taken the chase and challenge out of the equation and moved yourself right into the arena you were trying to avoid.

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