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By Joao Cabral de Melo Neto

Think making poems the way in which an architect designs structures or an engineer builds bridges. Such used to be the ambition of João Cabral de Melo Neto. although an exceptional admirer of the thing-rich poetries of Francis Ponge and of Marianne Moore, what him much more, as he remarked in his recognition speech for the 1992 Neustadt overseas Prize for Literature, was once "the exploration of the materiality of words," the "rigorous development of (. . .) lucid items of language." His poetry, difficult as stone and light-weight as air, is like no different.

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All of us crying out in Granada are calling In the Macedonians whose sons and daughters Died during the night when God was born. The Mother and son have lived and died for centuries Before us; some suffering has been steady since Noah. It is our Babylonian hands that are clapping tonight. I want the ant to bury the church tower tonight! I want the church wall to stagger tonight! I want the ant to gobble the black sugar down! If you’re still alive, tell us again how Jesus Forgave Judas, and how Judas buried his coins In a barnyard trampled by sacrificial goats.

A pain that we have earned gives more nourishment Than the joy we won at the lottery last night. It’s all right if the partridge’s nest fills with snow. Why should the hunter complain if his bag is empty At dusk? It only means the bird will live another night. It’s all right if we turn in all our keys tonight. It’s all right if we give up our longing for the spiral. It’s all right if the boat I love never reaches shore. If we’re already so close to death, why should we complain? Robert, you’ve climbed so many trees to reach the nests.

Soon Sunday night will come. 27 Advice from the Geese Hurry! The world is not going to get better! Do what you want to do now. The prologue is over. Soon actors will come on stage carrying the coffin. I don’t want to frighten you, but not a stitch can be taken On your quilt unless you study. The geese will tell you— A lot of crying goes on before dawn comes. Do you have a friend who has studied prisons? Does a friend say: “I love the twelve houses”? The word “houses” suggests prison all by itself.

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