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By Robert Pindyck, Daniel Rubinfeld, Robert S. Pindyck, Daniel L. Rubinfeld

First direction in Econometrics in Economics Departments at larger faculties, additionally Economic/Business Forecasting. facts prerequisite yet no calculus. a little bit better point and extra finished than Gujarati (M-H, 1996) . P-R covers extra time sequence and forecasting. P-R assurance is notch less than Johnston-DiNardo (M-H, ninety seven) and calls for no matrix algebra. contains facts disk.

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Least nary ^--ii part, the Yule-walkcr it. tot t. linear' Recall,for example' that the ;i;;;;;;; 4 WriringEq. 4 in the sampleautocorrelationfunction. 6 t) ol tlrc function (for displaccmcnt Let us denotethe sampleautocorrelation bi It is calculated as residuals 4. \:r (l7 . 5. As a result, we often try severalinitial guessesand see whether our estimatesconvergeto the salneflnal parametervalues. This would eliminatethe use of the nonlinear estimationmethod. One reasonis that the sampleautocorrelationfunction is on\y an estimateof the actual autocorrelationfunction and thus is subjectto error.

R, . r. After differencingthis seriesd times. we obtain a stationaryserieswr with T observationSr{/r, . , w1. The problem is to estimatethe parametersfor the ARMA(p, 4) model which hasbeen specifiedfor the serieswl. 1 . + o, r e qt t \ 17. 5)makesit clearthat the maximum-likelihoodestimate tlrt' modei's pirameters is given by the minimizationof the sum of squaredrcsitltrals S. l Initialization of the Series ,04) andthustllc functions(dr, . ,6r,0r,. the sum-of-squares Because likelihood function t are both conditional on the past unobservablevalucsol wr thal wc estimates .

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