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The renowned movie critic bargains a compilation of witty and clever observations concerning the movie lexicon, together with "Fruit Cart," a chase scene via an ethnic or international locale, or "The Non-Answering Pet," relating a useless puppy in a horror movie

A fixture in Roger Ebert's Video significant other, the thesaurus of motion picture phrases has tried to spot and label these cliches and inevitable advancements that turn into wearying to the devoted motion picture lover. thus, Ebert and dependable enthusiasts have penned wit-filled phrases to create a digital lexicon of the inane in film.

Dan Seitz (wannabe filmmaker) wrote:

If you're employed as a filmmaker or in tv, even if as a pastime, your career or your obssession, you would like THIS booklet. Screenwriters for either movie and television in particular want this, because it offers principally with storytelling cliches, however it additionally lists visible ones in cinematography, in angles, in casting and ordinarily mise-en-scene that it really is completely an important for the director to prevent. This e-book will make you a greater filmmaker simply on advantage of being conscious of what's been performed to death.

It's additionally helpful around the board. whereas it always rips into the extra standardized genres (like slasher flicks or motion movies), it additionally chainsaws such universal cliches as "The puppy Homosexual" ("he can speak eternally approximately intercourse, supplied he by no means has any himself", most modern criminal: "The subsequent top Thing" and "Will and Grace" ), "Baked Potato People" (the mild lunatics within the asylum that express the surface global is loopy; newest criminal: "K-PAX" ), and extra refined ones just like the fats man rule; if a gaggle of fellows are making plans an get away, the fats one frequently can't be trusted.

This is a really humorous e-book, yet it's additionally especially true, and if we made everyone presently making video clips take a seat and browse the rattling factor, we'd have higher videos, or a minimum of diverse cliches. enjoyable for the armchair movie freak, yet completely an important for the filmmaker.

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Sinn, Louis Reeves Harrison, Clyde Martin, Ernest J. Luz, and H. L. 33 Sometimes they followed the example of the Edison Company’s cue sheets and simply listed specific pieces, or types of generic music, that might be effectively applied to certain scenes in certain recent or forthcoming releases. ”37 And sometimes, significantly, they wrote in general terms on what film accompanists should do. 43 Musical gestures that are synchronized with filmic action should likewise be used sparingly. Make sure that the music does not overwhelm the film; remember that audiences come to the cinema to experience a variety of motion pictures, not to hear a concert.

Indd 25 2/3/15 6:03 PM 26 James Wierzbicki As the term suggests, a musical cue sheet for a film (or for a staged drama) is a list of cues—that is, signals contained within the script or stage directions— that indicate precisely when some sort of musical action should be undertaken. According to his self-aggrandizing account, Winkler hit upon the idea in 1912 after attending yet another nickelodeon exhibition during which the pianist failed to hit the mark. Much of his cinema-going experience, Winkler tells us, had involved accompanists just blundering through their jobs, playing this or that merely for the sake of filling an exhibition space with sound.

Whereas the elegant multi-reel films from Hollywood were truly at home only in the sumptuous movie palaces that started to be built in the commercial centers of large cities on the eve of World War I,21 the humble one-reel nickelodeon films from America’s eastern seaboard were perfectly comfortable in makeshift theaters set up in the narrow and long storefronts that since the 1880s had figured into the commercial life not just of American cities but also of American small towns. Whereas a two- or three-hour Hollywood film behooved its entire audience to be present at a specific starting time, an evening of ten- or twelve-minute nickelodeon films—perhaps in combination with performances by a vocalist who sang to the accompaniment of both a piano and projected slides22—had five or six starting times an hour.

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