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By Margaret Gibson

In those poems, Gibson conjures up the talismanic strength of items with a palette of sensual colors and textures. Her paintings seeks to be either political and religious.

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For the time being, eagle. Eye to eye with the sun at noon, I enter these hills of sweet grass, sage, wild rose, and rock bringing nothing with me, a wild solitude in the smoke I please to call my soul. Hierophany What shows itself now is wind, a wind one-eyed reason, deficient in its depth, cannot see as it spins from the hub of these sweet grass hills. Exhalation of bear, swift elk, eagle a wind ruffling even the lichen skintight on the living rock, whorling now to a hum in the ear as it bores Page 32 inward, bores eyes to open sockets, the planes of my cheeks to bone shale.

Listening, I took the host, the solar disk into my mouth, I swallowed the sun this is my body, Page 20 and beneath what Spanish I knew, the tree of blood inside me shimmered down to the oldest prayer, Maya Quiché Pardon my sins, God Earth. I am becoming,for a moment, Your breath, and also your body. Page 21 In The Retreat House of the Virgin Guadalupe Wanting God In the season of afternoon rain and red flowers breaking like blood from the stones at Xochicalco the motherhouse shade of thick walls is a prayer I enter body and mind, alcoves and adobe pots flush with fern.

Here I have selected passages that give each woman's relationship to Stephen. For the narrative revelation of the family secrets it is necessary to read the book-length poem as a whole. Page 57 Kate When Sarah touches clay, it opens like a tulip, her left hand deep in the whorl of the clay, lifting that dark inner space, that night sky, curving it gently, her right hand on the outside horizon, steady as the clay thins and thins, rising to its singular rim, that edge where I am meets I am not. I squint at the sun, hot fire hung over sea and riprap wall, this far bell marking the shoal off Napatree.

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