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By John Scalzi

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Publisher: Tor Books
Publication Date: 2013-04-09
Number of Pages: 77
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books

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The ultimate episode of The Human Division, John Scalzi's new thirteen-episode novel on this planet of his bestselling Old Man's War. starting on January 15, 2013, a brand new episode of The Human Division will look in booklet shape each Tuesday.

At final, the Earth and the Colonial Union have began formal discussions approximately their dating within the future-a probability for the divisions in humanity to be repaired. The diplomats and group of the Clarke are to be had to aid with the method, together with Ambassador Ode Abumwe and CDF Lieutenant Harry Wilson, either one of whom have been born on the earth. yet no longer all people wishes The Human department to be repaired...and they are going to visit nice size to ensure it isn't.

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