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With 350 million Web pages to look at, who’s going to look at yours? Nobody, if they don’t know it exists. And they won’t stay if they don’t like it. Here are five hints to help solve these problems. 8Kbps using a dial-up connection. Many people use 56K modems, ISDN or leased lines, but a lot don’t. Any more than ten seconds and you’ll lose them. If your page is slow to load cut down the graphics, clever Java and dynamic HTML effects, or use a gif or jpg optimiser to compress your graphics. Does your gif logo need to be in 16 million colours when 16 might do?

Pictures can be sent by e-mail at their existing resolutions as can audio, video and practically any other form of digitised 38 e-Business Essentials information. 10 You can set up your e-mail client to filter or exclude ‘spam’. 11 E-mail can be automated – you can forward e-mails to another location when you are elsewhere, set up an automatic response to say you are on holiday, notify you of e-mails received, log in from other places to receive your messages and so on. Disadvantages of e-mail Treat e-mail as a welcome extension to business communications and a time-saver, not as a welcome extension to social life and a time-waster.

An e-mail Many ISPs use both, so your chosen e-mail message effectively prevents client should be able to handle both. Some anyone else from ISPs (Demon is an example) use only SMTP, getting it. Essential e-Mail 43 so you will need an e-mail program capable of supporting SMTP for both receive and send. This can complicate life for multiple-user domains but simplify it for a single user with multiple addresses. Intranets and networks If you want to give everyone on your organisation’s network the ability to use email over the Internet, you will need a multiuser account from your ISP.

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