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Weather switch and its implications for shoppers and policymakers, were mentioned greatly. Adrian Renner offers a distinct point of view on how stockholders react if businesses stream in the direction of a carbon-conscious destiny. A multi-country occasion research method used to be used to research inventory industry reactions of the biggest 500 businesses globally. The research indicates that counting on the location of the corporate results range considerably. for instance, Asian businesses have been gratified by way of traders for his or her carbon-conscious habit whereas eu and North American businesses received punished for this.

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Of abandonment. 114 Taking all this together shows that pressure on companies to be environmentally responsible has increased significantly. owing speech given by Klaus Topfer (former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program): '''many stakeholders are demanding greater responsibility and accountability of the private sector, in particular multinational corporations ( ... pp. 11-13 114 Cogan, 2006,pp. 11-13 115 Stea4 &; Stead, 2000,pp. 313-314, Wmg, 2009, pp. 2-4 andKlusen&; Vachm,2003,p.

Special interest groups and magazines like National Geographic or GEO focus on the topic. Politicians begin to pick it up as well. In the "mature phase," the environmental issue has reached the peak: of public attention. All political groups have defined their positions towards the problem. but the media is already looking for new issues. In the "downturn phase," public attention towards the environmental issues erodes, laws have been passed and execution is pending. eaktorsicherheit (2001) and Meffert & Kirchgeorg (1998).

Increasing ocean surface temperatures do not just lead to volume expansion and rising sea levels; they also increase the frequency of extreme weather events such as hurricanes. For example, MunichRe (one of the world's largest reinsurance companies) states that of the 238 great natural catastrophes that took place between 1950 and 2007, approximately 66% were extreme weather/climate-related events, mainly floods and windstorms. 91 Summing up the health effects of climate change, it can be said that the more temperatures rise, the worse the impact on humans is going to be.

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