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Examines numerous elements of diffusion in polymers which are being quantitatively defined and engineered - detailing the phenomenology of diffusion and outlining components for destiny learn. Emphasizing the significance of primary stories all through.

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Oxygens. [Reproduced from and the open circles correspond to the results for the total sorbate diffusion coefficient The inset in Fig. The numerator in this ratio is simply Note that Dl. and D , are equal only in the limit -D 0 and that at any nonzero concentration cross-effects are always present. The results plotted in the inset of Fig.

48a) to predict the time to collision for the diffusing particle and the immobile solid spheres illustrated in Fig. 11. For simplicity the postcollisional velocities were evaluated using (48b) (with the mass of the solid spheres, m,,set equal to infinity) instead of the more realistic cosine law reflection condition represented by Eq. (53). It should be emphasized here, however, that this does not have a significant influence on the outcome of the sim- 41 DIFFUSION IN HOMOGENEOUSMEDL4 11 Schematicrepresentations of theoverlappingandnonoverlappingspheres models.

Expected in physically realistic situations. The straight solid line shown in Fig. 8 is, in fact, an empirical correlation obtained by Satterfield et al. , Pace and Datyner (1979a,b,c)]. , Eq. (52)] or cosine law diffuse scattering [Eqs. (53a-c)]. DIFFUSION IN HOMOGENEOUSMEDU 35 8 Reduced axial diffusion coefficient for the traceras a function of A in pores with structured walls. All symbols are as in Fig. 7. The numbers next to the simulation points refer to the valueof N Rin Eq. (58). , can the cross-kinetic coefficients Lyi and L';1 appearing in Eqs.

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