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I cannot recall experiencing, on any occasion ever, a children, is the powerful Queen of Hell, Heaven and Earth that vibration this immense and powerful, nor can I recall before or she is renowned to be and is far from a molly-coddler. As since ever seeing an entire room morph into what mentioned earlier, the open door swings both �\'ays and the described as a Qliphotic realm. This happened in seconds and had can only be Dark Goddess will not always knock first when She is coming I not been prepared by many other powerful workings with my through .

I continued my practices n i and achieved results and received immense pleasure both in my everyday life and in my heart. DevoLed Love in the Darkness Leaving the military I had more opportunity to explore and directly onto the empty sands my mind focussed on the task at expand my occult work. The yearning in my blood and the hand, the invocation of Hecate to God-form assumption. I thirst force glanced down and there sat at the exit gate like some custodian propelling me further into the mysteries of the Universe.

Iah! the wayJor those that wish toJolJow ,he Dark Path cd'HecOLe. countered because Hecate quite obViously brought them to other workings, and both myself and the Dark Goddess learned This task is one I undertake with pride, with honour and with early on that if She was going to introduce another entity to the Love. I am still learning, every day following Her Path; the day working then announcing it beforehand is probably a good I stop learning is the day I leave this plane of existence, when Devoted Hecate decides the time is right.

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