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By Alan Dean Foster, Eric Frank Russell

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When a wierd starship seems mysteriously on a far off alien global, bearing just a unmarried human and his bee-like extraterrestrial better half, the strong warlord of that global laughs on the stranger's preposterous call for: finish an all-out warfare with an interstellar rival, or face devastating effects. yet James Lawson, emissary from an intergalactic federation of complicated race, potential each observe he says, and has the ability to again them up--whatever the cost.

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If it turned out to be nothing special, then Starplex would continue its quest for whoever activated this shortcut--a life-sciences priority mission. But if the strange material was out of the ordinary, Jag would argue that Starplex should stay here to study it, and Rissa's team should take one of Starplex's two diplomatic vessels--either the Nelson Mandela or the Kof Dagrelo em-Stalsh--to continue the search. The next morning Jag used the intercom to contact Rissa, who was up in her lab, saying he wanted to see her.

You've noticed thefardint things carry no charge? " Delacorte nodded, then looked at Rissa. "Electrons have a charge of negative one unit, up quarks have a positive two-thirds charge, and down quarks have a negative one-third charge. Each neutron is made of two downs quarks and an up, which means the net charge is zip. Meanwhile, each proton consists of one down and two ups, which gives a charge of positive one. " Rissa understood that the explanation had been for her benefit. She nodded at the wall monitor for Delacorte to go on.

The same painting is pretty each time you look at it. The same dish is tasty each time you eat it. " "I don't know," said Keith. "I'm just glad I got you to stop telling me that stupid 'that's not my axle--it's my feeding tube' joke every time we met. " "You and Clarissa have always been happy together, if you'll permit me to say so. We Ibs don't have such intimacy with other individuals; we shuffle our own genetic material amongst our component parts, rather than bonding with a mate. Oh, I take comfort from my other components--my wheels, for instance, are not sentient, but they have intelligence comparable to that of a terrestrial dog.

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