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By Bradley P. Armour-Garb, J. C. Beall

Deflationism is a contemporary, yet more and more renowned, concept of fact. Deflationists deny the lifestyles of a noticeable conception approximately fact — an account of the valuables “truth” that allows the entire evidence approximately fact to be defined. Deflationism rejects all the current conventional theories approximately fact: correspondence, coherence, and pragmatist. scholars of philosophy in addition to deflationary theorists will savour the intensity of the articles in addition to the exhaustive annotated bibliography during this publication.

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But there are many reasons beyond biological ones—Â�including ethical, political, and ontological reasons—Â�for why we might consider I N D I S T I N C T I O N 53 leaving behind the search for anthropological differences and move onto other terrain. In the remainder of this chapter, we survey some of these other considerations as well as the possibilities for thought and practice that open up beyond the anthropological difference. AGAMBEN AND THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL MACHINE Moving beyond biologism, Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben offers us what we might call biopolitical reasons for rethinking our reliance on the human/animal distinction and moving toward a thought of indistinction.

The fate of other animals, humans, and nonhumans who are not sufficiently like “us” would remain, within the identity framework, as precarious as ever. The difference approach, to which we now turn, attempts to help us address this limit and develop a more capacious and less exclusionary approach to animal ethics. 2 â•… D I F F E R E N C E In the previous chapter, we saw how identity theorists employ the notion of human-Â�animal evolutionary continuity and the principle of equal consideration of interests to develop a transformational animal ethic and philosophy.

Identity theorists often start with human-Â�centered ethical frameworks and then seek to demonstrate that these frameworks extend (often despite their manifest intentions) outward from human beings to include animals, thereby founding continuity on the basis of animals exhibiting certain human traits or capacities. It is in this respect that “animals are like us” and that logical consistency entails giving like beings like consideration. Indistinction theorists would neither deny such continuities nor 50 I N D I S T I N C T I O N question the call for basic consistency in reasoning.

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