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By Roy van den Brink-Budgen

This paintings offers entire assurance of the OCR's new specification in severe pondering and it covers a whole diversity of themes for devices 3 and 4.

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The final paragraph gives us evidence that weakens the significance of recommendations (D), (E), and (F). If the average age of computer game players is 28, then these recommendations might miss much of the point. You would need to consider whether this evidence makes our question of what we should do about violent computer games a less significant one. Perhaps the question needs to be adjusted to focus only on children. However, these considerations work on the assumption that any undesirable effects of violent games were relevant only to children and young people.

That was in the mid-1990s and there has not been any cause for a distributor to appeal since. Even the nastiest of games has been granted an 18 certificate and become available to those who like to spend hours fighting virtual battles. Whatever previous research has determined, it is hard to believe that prolonged exposure to such horrors does not breed some nasty ideas in the more impressionable of minds. The instances in which youngsters have gone out and committed murders akin to those they have watched are mercifully rare, although there have been a few notorious cases.

For example Cameroon: very poor record, with claims of torture and death in police custody. Democratic Republic of Congo: very poor record, with unlawful killings, rape, torture, use of children as soldiers all widespread. Ethiopia: very poor record, with widespread arbitrary detentions and torture. Mauritania: poor record with slavery and forced labour being reported, and unfair trials and torture being widespread. Niger: poor record, with slavery widespread, and little press freedom. 42 4 IDENTIFYING DILEMMAS Other countries, however, have a much better human rights record.

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