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By Harald Haelterman

This publication positions script research as an invaluable and pragmatic software, that can advisor the choice and implementation of preventive measures in enterprise environments. It illustrates how the concept that aligns with the crime-specific orientation present in environmental criminology, and especially explores the theoretical foundations of situational crime prevention, the method of which it truly is deemed so much correct and supportive.
The quantity presents transparent assistance on the way to observe script research in day-by-day perform, overlaying its major construction blocks and key positive aspects. those are illustrated through a sequence of case stories into a variety of crime forms. relocating past using script research with the purpose to disrupt the crime-commission method, the writer additional explores the broader advantages of the method of either teachers and practitioners. He identifies what's wanted so much if we wish to embody the complete capability of script research for preventive reasons. <

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7 Felson (1995: 53) provides the example of a retired person at home who may well discourage daytime burglary of his or her own home or even the home next door. 36 Crime Script Analysis Mazerolle 2008: 11). Other examples include the dispersion of people into more single-person households, which is claimed to have contributed to a crime increase in the 1960s and 1970s (Felson 1998: 25); the increased availability of lightweight portable electronic goods (Clarke and Felson 2004: 8); and the increase of contact crimes as a result of a greater mass of people spending time outside the home, increasing the probability of encountering motivated offenders (Newburn 2007: 288).

1993; quoted in Cornish 1994: 161). e. taking money or jewellery from the victim in the underground system) is preceded by a number of actions including preparations made outside the actual crime setting, the entry to the setting, and the selection of the victim (Ekblom; quoted in Cornish 1994: 161). Actions associated with the aftermath of the main action include escaping from the crime setting, exiting the subway system, and a number of potential follow-up actions such as disposing of the stolen items.

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