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A robust high-tech corporation. A postcard-pretty  company city. households. young ones. Sunshine.  Happiness. A highschool soccer group that never-ever  loses. And anything else. anything terrible ...  Now, there's a new relations on the town. A shy,  nature-loving teen. a brand new fatherland. a brand new set of  bullies. probably the team's activities medical institution will help him.  Rebuild him. they may not damage him back. They won't  dare.

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You’ll do more than like it,” Elaine assured her. “Within a month you’ll love it and won’t know how you ever lived anywhere else. ” Sharon asked, not trying to conceal the edge in her voice. But Elaine only shrugged. “I’ll deal with it when it happens, and from here there’s nowhere to go but up. ” Sharon glanced out the window, and barely recognized the boy who had left San Marcos three years before. The thin and wiry Robb Harris who had been only a little taller than Mark, and slightly asthmatic as well, was now a solidly built young man whose features had matured into a husky handsomeness.

But of course that was exactly it, and he knew it as well as Sharon did. indeed, it had been Sharon who understood it from the very beginning, when they’d first met in high school, and he’d fallen in love with her. And from then on, whenever things got too bad with his father, she’d always encouraged him not to fight back, not to make things any worse at home than they already were. “There’s the field,” she’d told him over and over again. “Go put on your uniform and get out there and keep at it till you’re not mad anymore.

And yet it had happened, and for the next ten days, until the movers arrived, Sharon had been far too busy dealing with the myriad details of winding up their affairs in San Marcos to deal with her emotions. Only now, as they began making their way through the foothills of the Rockies, did the reality of it all truly begin to set in. And as the scenery began to take on a majestic beauty, Sharon felt her spirits begin to rise. Of the four of them, only Blake had seemed unaffected by the prospect of the sudden move.

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