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By John Stiles

John Stiles' first selection of poetry, Scouts Are Cancelled, explored the dialect and the dilemmas of down-home existence in Nova Scotia's rural Annapolis Valley.In his moment assortment, the poet expands his horizons. Chronicling his routine from Canada's east coast to Toronto's self-obsessed city middle, following his middle worldwide to discover love and employment in England, those poems resonate with profound principles and offbeat observations on humans and position, at the variables that mix to create a person's identification, and what it potential to depart, to hunt, and to want a home.Alive with Stiles' particular linguistic charms and poetic stable nature, Creamsicle Stick Shivs is a ebook of sophisticated inventiveness and indisputable roguish pride.

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I told her I nearly drowned in Waterton Park. Okayama-ken. Frogs croaking in the tanbo, me brushing my teeth, the expression on Lance’s face when I told the Eki twins to go home. They waited under the porch with drinks. Lance paced across the veranda. Out the window twin girls bicycled, skirts fluttering. In Nova Scotia my boss pressed her keys into my palm. I knew it was all wrong when I saw her bodysurfing at her — 34 — cottage with my mother. My first year at college I loved a valley girl three times, watched the moonlight like diamonds on her shoulders as she walked naked through my room.

33 — Poplars Even when I was young I was caught staring at the girls. I used to show off on the teeder-todder in the schoolyard near the wood of poplars. Love hearts etched into the black ridges of smoke, skinny trees that crowned the soccer pitch like wild hair. Who would have thought the awkward boy reading Teahouse of the August Moon would be the one college girls wrote notes to, pinned on napkins in the Acadia cafeteria. A sullen teen in tight velour pants, shadowed by the rough boys who lined the walls of the gymnasium like convicts.

My wife looks into the ceiling. You are sharming, she says. — 43 — Rice from the Iceland Last week we didn’t have hardly any money and we need to be in agreement. We are on a very strict budget, but can you go to the store to get some rice? I don’t like the rice from the other store – I like the rice from the Iceland. I thought you would buy some cheese but you didn’t – I like cheddar, so I’m going to sit here on the couch and wait for you. Don’t worry, I will be thinking about you while I read my book.

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