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F you must realize it, its during this booklet! Cracking the SAT, 2012 variation comprises every little thing you must be aware of to grasp the maths, severe studying, and Writing sections of the SAT.

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Your best defense against Joe Bloggs answer choices is to increase your vocabulary. No matter how many words you learn, though, you’ll still run across words you don’t know on the sentence completions. Not to worry: Joe Bloggs can once again guide you to the right answer. Here’s an example of a difficult sentence completion: 8. The researchers believe their experimental and observational data furnish the ------- evidence that proves their hypothesis. (A) trifling (B) experiential (C) intuitive (D) empirical (E) microscopic Order Of Difficulty (OOD) Question #8 is the last question in the long sentence completion set.

Nearly half of the people taking the test get these questions right. The final third of the questions are difficult. Very few test takers answer these questions correctly. The Math sections always follow this order of difficulty; thus, in a 20-question Math section, the first seven questions are easy, the next six are medium, and the final seven are difficult. Sentence completions follow a similar pattern. However, most of the other question types are all jumbled up—they follow no particular order of difficulty.

Three of these will be scored Critical Reading sections. Each of the three scored Critical Reading sections on the SAT contains two types of questions: sentence completions and reading comprehension. In sentence completion questions, you’ll be given an incomplete sentence, along with several possible ways to complete it. In reading comprehension questions, you will be given a passage (either long or short) to read, followed by a series of questions asking you about the passage. WHAT DOES THE CRITICAL READING SECTION TEST?

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