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1 Parameters of interest In order to evaluate the liquefaction potential, the subsoil shear stress profile and the liquefaction strength of the soil must be known. The object of the soil survey/test is to evaluate the soil constants necessary for evaluating these items. 4. Among these items, the elastic wave exploration, liquefaction test, and dynamic deformation test determine the dynamic characteristics of the soil. , I 4 II Soil survey and test 43 'e s. 4. Survey methods and items classified by survey objective.

Position of receiver Survey point Landi seabed Elastic wave exploration method Wave propagation mode Vibration source Position of source vibration Kobe port. 5 m PS logging Downhole P-wave : wooden maul S-wave: plate striking 2 m 10 borehole No . 1. 7 m to About 19 m in borehole No. 2, 9 m 10 hore- fill layer hole No. 3. 5 m Crosshole Crosshole Shear hammer (fix Vibration generated within cas - Vibration source 65-85 with hydraulic jack) ing of borehole No. 1. 5 m within casing mm and 7 m from borehole No.

2 . Guideline for geotechnical survey and test for port and harbour facilities . PASTEAA1l'O'JAKES. ECTlON PASTSOlLSUR\IEYS. ) RECQN'WSSAACE (TlJf'OGRAPHV. ) 1 DECISION ON INVES1lGATlON METHOD POSIT1ON. DEf'IH. AREA. METHOD) (0BJECT1\/E. -~ I I 1 I I I SAMPUNG • r-l I OCAG ~ LAllORATCRYm;T T I r • • CYCUC mw

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