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By Philip K. Dick

"Dick is the yankee author who in recent times has most affected non-American poets, novelists, and essayists."—Roberto Bolaño

In Counter-Clock World, time has started relocating backward. humans greet one another with "goodbye," blow smoke into cigarettes, and upward thrust from the lifeless. while a kind of emerging useless is the well-known and robust prophet Anarch height, a few teams commence a mad scramble to discover him first—but their reasons are usually not precisely benevolent simply because Anarch height could be worthy extra lifeless than alive, and those teams will do no matter what they need to to ship him again to the grave.

What might you do in the event that your long-dead kin began coming again? Who could look after them? And what in the event that they hottest being useless? In Counter-Clock World, certainly one of Dick's such a lot theological and philosophical novels, those troubling questions are addressed; although, as continually, you've to determine the solutions your self.

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