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Despite a transparent and compelling want for an intelligence-led method of safety, operational, and reputational hazards, the topic of company defense intelligence is still poorly understood. an efficient intelligence technique can without delay aid and certainly effect operational job and linked decision-making and will also be used to force the firm’s enterprise in key markets. This quantity outlines conception and provides genuine sensible ideas to enforcing a good intelligence technique. whereas the e-book makes a speciality of company protection because the usual domestic of intelligence, the instruments and methods defined are both acceptable for any decision-support process.

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This has happened in the context of a much a more complex security operating environment (sometimes for the same reasons, such as globalization, that have themselves driven up the complexity of business). We touched on these facts when discussing resilience and SMEs, with the conclusion being that business and security now go hand in hand. ” The paper goes on to draw out six characteristics of companies that are integrating security with the business to the overall benefit of the company, which are broken out in the sidebar for ease of reference.

22 2 The Corporate Security Operating Environment However absorbed a commander may be in the elaboration of his own thoughts, it is sometimes necessary to take the enemy into account. To understand the main current threats to Western companies, operating both domestically and internationally. To outline how geopolitics, terrorism, cyber issues, espionage (“insiders”), single-issue activism, and crime affect the safe and security operations of companies and organizations both domestically and on the global stage.

Clear understanding of what matters to the organization also helps drive the priority for security matters.  legal or finance departments—and once they discover it, they’re hooked. At least one S&P100 company now has intelligence analysts reporting directly to the CEO, and many others are adopting a wider process of ­intelligence around identified risks, including in the regulatory/political space (where the trick is often not being caught out by a potentially disastrous­change in circumstances).

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