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By Steven Tomczyk, Jie Zhang, Timothy Bastian

Captures advances being made within the box of coronal magnetism, from conception to observations and instrumentation.

This quantity is a set of analysis articles as regards to the sun corona, and especially, coronal magnetism. The ebook was once stimulated through the Workshop on Coronal Magnetism: Connecting types to information and the Corona to the Earth, which was once held 21 - 23 may well 2012 in Boulder, Colorado, united states. This workshop used to be attended via nearly 60 researchers. Articles from this assembly are contained during this topical factor, however the topical factor additionally comprises contributions from researchers now not current on the workshop.

This quantity is geared toward researchers and graduate scholars lively in sun physics.

Originally released in Solar Physics, Vol. 288, factor 2, 2013 and Vol. 289, factor eight, 2014.

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General properties have been derived as follows: • The magnetic field decays with height, but not following a bipolar magnetic field relation (Régnier, Priest, and Hood, 2008). The magnetic field can decay by several orders of magnitude with height. • Stating the obvious, individual active regions have different structures in terms of shear and twist, which depends on their history (Régnier and Priest, 2007a, 2007b). • Active regions have a complex distribution of electric current density generated by photospheric motions and by emergence from below the photosphere (Leka, 1996).

3. Magnetic Topology As it is beyond the scope of this review to give a complete description of all topological studies, I will just mentioned that the concept and development of magnetic topology applied to coronal structures have been reviewed in Longcope (2005). The transfer of magnetic energy and magnetic helicity through topological elements is the consequence of magnetic reconnection, and thus eruptive events. In particular, the main ingredients are null points where the magnetic field vanishes, separators, separatrices, quasi-separatrices, and hyperbolic flux tubes.

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