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61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 15 -17 -18. 20 -21 Г24 •23 L22- •27- [- 25 L26 Г 28 29 L30 32 1 к L "53 52. "' Even though important source material for the history of Tibetan Buddhism continues to be published in India and elsewhere, it has so far been the unfortunate rule rather than the exception that very little is and can be known about the early Tibetan scholar-translators. This is all the more regrettable since these individuals were so instrumental in shaping the doctrinal developments that took place later onwards in Tibet.

This ap- parently coincided with the apprenticeship of 'Brom-ston Rgyal-ba f i 'byung-gnas1 (1005-Ю64) under this same man. But, as was the case with f the latter, so it was also with Legs-pa i shes rab who, upon hearing of * 79 Atisa's arrival in Tibet, requested a leave of absence from Se-btsunr in order to go and study under this great teacher. -1058) who was noted for his specialisation in the literature on the philosophical systems (grub-mtha,siddhanta). Legs-pa'i shes-rab's gradual affiliation with what was later to become known as the 'New [Tradition] 1 (gsar-ma-pa) as opposed to the 'Old [Tradition]' (rnying-ma-pa) with which his family had had historical ties, fitted in with the mood of his time, The highly influential Lo- tsa-ba Rin-chen bzang-po (958-1055) and Lha bla-ma Ye-shes-'od, among others, were noted for their explicit opposition towards certain teachings that had become prevalent during the tenth century and the first half of the eleventh.

Bod phyi-rabs dag-gis ji-ltar 'chad-pa (42/2) 32. 33. khungs-med-kyi chos-skad du-mas mang-po-la khyab-pa'i-tshul (42/3) dar-tika mdzad-pas rang-lugs-kyi chos-skad ji-ltar gzhag-pa'i tshul (49/5) gnyis-po de-la dgag-sgrub mdo-tsam-du bgyis-pas rang-gi 'dod-pa shugs-la go-bar bstan-pa (83/З) (lta-sgom-spyod) 34. 35. gsum-po so-so'i ngos-'dzin-pa (84/4) 36. phyogs-glang yab-sras-kyi bshad-cing bzhed-pa'i lta-ba (84/4) 37. sgom-pa (85/6) 38. lta-ba'i sgom-pa (85/6) - 26 - 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45.

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