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The energy eigenvalue has the expression   E  h  n  1  2 where  is the classical frequency of the oscillator. For the lowest possible value of the quantum number, the energy is nonzero; this is zero point energy. The harmonic oscillator system is used as an approximation to describe vibrations of atoms in molecules. When there is more than one mass on a harmonic oscillator, the reduced mass  must be used in place of the mass m. 50 Spectroscopy QM—Two-Dimensional Rotations Two-dimensional (2D) rotational motion assumes rotation of a mass m about a center at a fixed radius r.

In a charge-coupled device (CCD), each pixel has three electrodes, called gates. Electrons build up under each pixel just as they do in PDAs and CIDs. At a particular time, the electrons are moved to one side of the pixel, and ultimately into a detector by ramping up the negative voltage on the gates sequentially. CCDs are extremely sensitive and can detect very low light levels, especially if cooled to minimize dark current. This makes them desirable as detectors in astronomy. ” To generate a color image, either a single CCD with a red/green/blue Bayer filter is used, or three different CCDs with a single filter is used and a composite image is reconstructed.

A detector digitizes the interferogram, and a Fourier transform is performed to generate a singlebeam spectrum. Fourier transform In Fourier transform nuclear magnetic resonance (FT-NMR), a strong pulse of radio frequency radiation illuminates a sample, causing the nuclei that are exposed to a magnetic field to orient together and create a net magnetization in one plane (labeled the x,y plane). This creates an alternating current that can be detected by a coil in the x,y plane. A plot of the intensity of this current versus time is called a free induction decay (FID) signal.

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