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Legislation convey: Constitutional and Administrative legislation is designed that can assist you to narrate all of the studying and research all through your direction in particular to examination and task occasions. comprehend quick what's required, organise your revision, and study the major issues conveniently, to get the grades you wish. demonstrated with examiners and scholars.

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The separation of powers as a mechanism for preventing the over concentration of power and the danger that power will be abused as a consequence. The rule of law as a means of ensuring that all are treated fairly and that noone is above the law. The traditional approach towards parliamentary sovereignty, which holds that Parliament is the most powerful organ of state, and the extent to which this principle has been undermined by our membership of the European Union. Introduction The constitution may be unwritten but it operates in accordance with a number of fundamental principles.

The diminishing powers of the monarch is one of the most important themes underpinning the development of the modern constitution, so examiners will give credit for mention of this as part of the discussion. Centuries ago, all power within the state was in the hands of the monarch. Now, because of parliamentary sovereignty and the separation of powers, most of the power originally exercised by the monarch lies elsewhere. That is not to say, however, that the monarch is unimportant. The monarch is currently: ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ Head of state.

Sovereignty). You need not examine these in detail, but it will greatly enhance your answer to have acknowledged their relevance to the debate. Emphasise the essentially uncertain nature of the UK constitution and, perhaps, draw some brief comparison with countries which have a written constitution. Even a modest attempt at comparison will impress the examiner, but do not digress too much – make the point and then move on. FURTHER READING Blackburn, R. (2004) ‘Monarchy and the Personal Prerogatives’, Public Law 546–63.

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