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This fantastically illustrated mini box consultant is full of details on 2 hundred species of fungi present in Britain and the close to Continent. the diversity lined demonstrates the wonderful sort that exists in the international of fungi, from the better-known teams comparable to the boletes and russulas, to extra esoteric and infrequently surprisingly formed varieties like bracket fungi, golf equipment, corals, puffballs, stinkhorns and elfcups. the entire species are illustrated with exceptional full-colour artistic endeavors that convey - the place suitable - features of form and different points of visual appeal that vary in the course of their lives. A concise written account covers measurement, description, habitat and the season during which each one fungus can be stumbled on. The easy-to-follow layouts and exceptional works of art reduction fast and exact id, making this e-book an critical reference within the box in addition to at domestic.

It is compact sufficient to slot in the pocket, but filled with crucial details for the character enthusiast.
Renowned ordinary background artists together with Cy Baker, David Daly, Colin Emberson and Lyn Wells painted the illustrations.

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