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Fifteen video games for Atari pcs, able to variety in and revel in. Arcade video games and studying video games together with the easiest from Compute journal plus many never-before-published video games and chapters on find out how to increase your personal video games

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There are four parameters in the parentheses of the USR statement. The first parameter is the address of the machine language routine itself; 1536 is the start of page six. The next parameter is the address of the player shape. Tank Duel stores the player shapes in SHAPE$ and uses the ADR function to find the address. The third parameter is the player'S current location, the actual memory address of the vertical position. The last parameter is the new location, the memory address of the vertical position to which you want to move the object.

Note that in line 23 you must POKE 5 into memory location 87 again because it was changed during subroutine 300 (line 14). Lines 150 to 185 first check for a collision. If there is none, it plots the new block. A collision is found by locating the next position in front of the plotted block and finding its color. If the color is 0 (which is the background default color), it continues and plots the next block. If it is any other color, there is a collision. If the first player has collided, the program branches to line 201 to check for a simultaneous collision by the other player.

380 READ A:IF A=-1 THEN RETURN 390 FOR J=0 TO 7:READ B : POKE CHSET+Al 8+J,B:NEXT J 400 GOTO 380 43 Part Two 56 420 DATA 4,56,124~234,234,254,186,68, 56 430 DATA 5,56,84,214,254,254,186,68,5 6 440 DATA 6,56,124,254,214,214,186,68, 56 450 DATA 1,255,255,255,255,255,255,25 5,255 460 470 480 490 500 510 520 530 540 550 560 570 580 44 DATA 127,16,24,28,30,30,28,24,16 DATA -1 GRAPHICS 17:POKE 756,CHSET/256 SC=PEEK(88)+256tPEEK(89):SETCOLOR 2,0,0 DIM A(3):A(0)=2:A(1)=-40:A(2)=-2: A(3)=40:WL=129:HL=0:TRAP 32767 A=SC+21 FOR 1=1 TO 21:?

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