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By Berardino D'Acunto

An application-oriented creation to computational numerical equipment for PDE
- whole with a variety of workout units and solutions
- contains home windows courses in C++ language

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Compile and execute. The rectangle with the specified vertices is drawn. July 3, 2004 23:17 40 WSPC/Book Trim Size for 9in x 6in Computational Methods for PDE in Mechanics Next, the temperature function will be plotted in this rectangle. 3 Equation data Entering and saving data is a task of the Document class. In a Window program the data are entered by dialog boxes, activated by a menu. Therefore, it is necessary to give a main menu to the program. The compiler supplies a default menu which can be modified to insert new menu headers.

The New dialog box should appear. Click the Project tab to display the list of applications; select MFCAppWizard(exe) to create a Windows executable program; enter C:\Projects\ as Location; in the Project Name box specify the name by entering Heat1; click OK to move to MFCAppWizard Step1 dialog box. Step 1 of 6. Select Single document radio button. The language can be selected too. Click Next. Step 2 of 6. No modification; click Next. Step 3 of 6. Uncheck ActiveX Controls check box and click Next.

Declare the first variable: m constant of BOOL type. 11. Similarly, the other variables are declared: m datan of int type, and m function, m fvalue, m ibd, all of CString type. The class is complete. cpp file. Compile. Finally, add the array to store the data entered by the user. h file, declare a new variable and the handler function as follows. SetAt(0,”0”); Furthermore, implement the function, which handles the message when the Initial item is clicked. 2 void CHeat1Doc::OnDataInitial() { CIbdata ibdata; double dx=m length/m nx; ........................................

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