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In this paper I briefly examine the class meaning of this apparent autonomy of the economy (yes, only apparent, because there are plenty of alternatives once we recognise that the profit constraint is not a natural imperative but a historical conditional; yes, apparent, because the ieconomyi can only be autonomous to the extent that human beings give u p their autonomy and freedom to create their own conditions of life; yes apparent because the autonomy of the economy which is presented to us has been and is being engineered), of this apparent totalizing constraint that goes under the name of globalization: firstly finance, and then the question of the productive cycle.

1945), Ensayos sobre el realismo. Buenos Aires, Siglo XX. Pecheux, M. (1969), Vers I'Analyse automatique du discours, Madrid, Gredos. Raiter, A. M. (19871, 'El desplazamiento de un signo ideologico' (Analisis linguistic0 del discurso polotico), Filologia, XXI,2, 30 Common Sense No. 21 Buenos Aires. Raiter, A. and Munoz, I . ' Perisferias. v01 1, no 1. Buenos Aires. Raiter, A. (19961, 'Posibilidades y limites del discurso polotico. El caso EZLN', Dialektica, v01 5, no 8, Buenos Aires . Searle, J .

In highlighting this, though, they all reach the same conclusion, which is that everybody should retire a t 65, since to level the retirement age downwards would be irresponsible given the public debt. Keeping for a moment to the theme of pensions, there is also the classical argument t h a t , demographically speaking, the number of workers paying contributions is declining, while the number of pensioners benefitting from them is on the rise. From here stem all the proposals to lengthen people's working life and working day, to abandon inter-generational solidarity, and to promote private and integrative pensions.

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