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Oltmans et al. (2013) examined changes in tropospheric ozone over the period 1970–2010. At mid-latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere there was a significant increase in ozone concentrations from 1970 to 2000, followed by little or no growth in 2000–2010. The change in trend was attributed to controls of ozone precursors. , 2011). The Tropospheric Ozone Ozone in the Atmosphere 23 Monthly average ozone, ppb 40 30 20 10 Ragged Point, Barbados 0 FIGURE I-D-8. 1990 1995 2000 Year 2005 2010 Monthly average surface ozone concentrations observed at Ragged Point, Barbados (NOAA ESRL, 2012).

Consistent with surface-based measurement discussed earlier and ozone sonde data, the satellite data show large temporal and spatial variability in the tropospheric ozone levels. The satellite data show ozone accumulation zones year-round in the tropical south Atlantic and in the summer months across the Mediterranean, East Asia, and over the North Pacific and North Atlantic following the outflow from East Asia and North America. The satellite data record is at present too short to determine a trend in tropospheric ozone levels.

A distinct difference in trends in the western and eastern sites was noted. In the east in summertime, there were statistically significant decreases in the 95th, 50th, and 5th percentile ozone values for 83%, 66%, and 20% of the sites, respectively. In spring, 43% of sites in the east had a significant decrease, whereas no sites had a significant increase. In the west in summertime only, 17% (two sites) and 8% (one site) had statistically significant decreases in the 95th and 50th percentile ozone levels.

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