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By Jürg Fuhrer, Peter J. Gregory

This booklet comprises 17 chapters concentrating on the affects of weather swap on ecosystems, foodstuff protection, water assets and fiscal balance. suggestions to improve sustainable structures that reduce influence on weather and/or mitigate the consequences of human job on weather swap also are provided. on hand In Print

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Fertilizers and pesticides. Further concerns on how agricultural practices may contribute to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, as well as how this links with the needed adaptation to climate change, may also affect the responsiveness of intensive rainfed cropping systems to climate change (Smith and Olesen, 2010). 1 Carbon dioxide Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration stimulates yield of crops that have the so-called C3 photosynthesis pathway, and Rain/wind these include most of the intensively grown crops except maize, which belongs to plants having the C4 photosynthesis pathway (Fuhrer, 2003).

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