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This ebook makes one large mistake. the writer assumes that man-made catastrophic international warming is a fact whilst it truly is only a fantasy. it's been scientifically confirmed that international warming is usual a part of the earth's cycle, and is probably invaluable to mankind. Even the well known environmentalist, Bjorn Lomborg, has publicly stated that the worldwide warming scare is a load of rubbish.

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Flash flooding can lead to pollution of drinking water supplies by sewage, rotting carcasses, chemicals and fuel. North Carolina suffered exactly this fate in 1999. The economic costs of such climate change sequelae are set to grow and grow. The bill for weather-related disasters in the south-eastern USA has topped $85 billion over the last 20 years – the heatwave and drought of 1998 alone cost $6 billion and 200 lives. Crop yields are expected to rise in some areas but fall in others, particularly the Gulf coast, during this century.

To date the effects of climate change on transport have tended to take the form of having the in-car air-conditioning on non-stop in the summer. Those of us who rely on an open window as opposed to a Figure 4 The joys of cycling. 30 climate change begins at home whirring piece of cooling technology under the bonnet have certainly been feeling the heat in recent summers. Higher temperatures, though, are just the start of a series of impacts on our car driving. Those journeys through torrential rain, gripping the steering wheel for all you are worth as another wall of water from the truck in front obliterates your view – expect more of them.

Watching the dials click round takes so long that smaller cars pull up, fill up, pay and leave while he stands there pumping in more fuel. The erosion of John Carbone’s enjoyment in his SUV reached a new low when Henry, spurred on by a classroom discussion, asked his dad why he drove such a big car to work when there was only him in it? John had no real answer. Some months ago he considered joining a local car pool and at least filling some of the acres of spare seat space. Several people in the street have the same route to work, but sharing really didn’t appeal much.

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