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By Dr. Thomas J. Wilbanks (eds.)

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5. One of the more innovative studies estimated a climate response curve for electricity in California was based on unique individual billing data from residential customers of California’s private utilities, assigned to individual zip codes and weather stations (Aroonruengsawat and Auffhammer, 2009). The authors note that changes in per household electricity consumption from climate change are driven by two factors—the shape of the weather-electricity consumption relationship and the change in projected climate.

Aggregate demand was projected to increase from 9% to 17% by the middle the 21st century. A 30% price increase could cut that growth by 11 to 14 percentage points, leaving electricity use largely unchanged at mid-century. Illustrating the importance of population growth in comparison with climate change, population growth projections to mid-century produces demand increases from 41% to 42%. Market penetration of air conditioning Predicting or accounting for increased future climate change-related market penetration of air conditioning has become more common in investigations of the impacts of climate Climate Change Implications for Energy Supply and Use change on energy use in buildings.

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