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By D. Kronlid

Weather swap variation and Human services explores studying, overall healthiness, mobility, and play as weather functions and produces new insights into the intensity of weather switch impression on social existence.

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I now turn to how I have used the capabilities approach as a methodological framework. A Climate Capabilities Analysis This book is as an attempt to produce a tentative set list of capabilities of relevance for climate change, with a particular focus on climate change adaptation. The value of this list for policy and research lies in its details. The ambition to explore each Capability in depth, with the help of relevant research, means that the list is not exhaustive. I have followed Robeyns’ suggested five criteria for a selective Capability set list analysis.

Furthermore, disaster cases shows that the lack of mobility resources for being evacuated is not always the main reason for being stranded. Rather, it is a lack of “conditions of possibilities for individuals to . . develop and realize their capabilities” (Otto and Ziegler 2006, 278) that often is the problem. In other words, if we cannot for some reason “convert the characteristics, commodities, infrastructures, and arrangements into a [mobilities] functioning” (Otto and Ziegler 2006, 279) this is an indirect cause of diminished well-being.

In this context, it is important to also note that whereas Capabilities are intrinsic to well-being, they are internally instrumental in the sphere of well-being for other Capabilities within the realm of a person’s well-being. Thus, for example, being able or not to be mobile will potentially influence other capabilities (such as health, play, and learning) positively, negatively or neutrally, depending on which Capabilities the people in question value. In this sense, Capabilities conjoined with each other constitute the larger whole of well-being.

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