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By Rawdon Wyatt

This workbook is designed to assist scholars learning for the FCE (First certificates Examination). This collage of Cambridge examination is taken by way of over 250,000 humans world wide each year and is among the preferred English Language instructing (ELT) assessments. It encompasses a variety of actions to aid scholars construct and enhance their English vocabulary, and it's appropriate for either self-study and school room use.

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_____________! The car is going backwards. (Look out! / Look in! ) 6. She has always admired intelligent men. For example, she _____________ her professor and copies everything he does. (looks down on / looks out for / looks up to) 7. _________ me _________ when you're next in London - it will be nice to see you again. out) 8. She _____________ the figures and they seemed to be OK. (looked over / looked on / looked out for) 9. I've asked the manager to _____________ the question of staff holidays.

Can I count _____ you for support?. (rely / depend) 6. I missed a lot of lessons, and it took me a long time to catch _____ _____ the other students in my class. (get to the same level) 7. The storm was terrible, but eventually the rain stopped and the wind died _____. (become less strong) 8. An alarming number of students drop _____ _____ school early every year. (leave) 9. Can you figure _____ why Tony is acting so strangely? (understand) 10. Call the station and find _____ what time the train arrives.

We were in the middle of a telephone conversation when we were suddenly disconnected. 4. I wish you wouldn't interrupt while I'm telling a story. 5. Did you see how the little white car suddenly drove in front of the black Audi? 6. She's decided to stop eating sweet things so as to lose weight. 7. He didn't pay his bill, so the company stopped his electricity. 26 For reference, see the Easier English Dictionary for Students (0 7475 6624 0) Replace the words and expressions in bold with a phrasal verb from the box.

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