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By Luke Hunter

There is nowhere in the world like Africa for staring at wild cats. every week spent within the awesome nationwide parks and online game reserves produces nearly assured sightings of the 3 such a lot magnificent and sought-after species - lions, cheetahs and leopards. but, along the massive 3, Africa is domestic to an additional seven species of cat a long way much less conspicuous than their higher cousins. of those, the caracal, serval and African wildcat are marginally higher identified, whereas few humans have obvious the remainder 4 - the black-footed cat, African golden cat, jungle cat and sand cat. hardly ever saw and little understood, such a lot have by no means been the focal point of committed clinical learn. This ebook covers all 10 species. necessarily, the prejudice is in the direction of the massive, well-studied cats however it comprises all that's recognized in regards to the smaller species, together with observations and knowledge from their Asian variety or from captivity to fill in a few gaps. Chapters care for evolution and anatomy, predation, social platforms, replica and survival, pageant and clash, and conservation, and comprise the most up-tp-date examine findings from round the continent. Supported by way of a wealth of dramatic and gorgeous pictures, this can be a accomplished assessment of the cat family members in Africa - from the well-known and well known African parks with their celebrated, safari-friendly felids, to the few last locations at the continent uninhabited by means of humans, the place a wild cat might spend its whole existence with out feeling the results of the human presence. regrettably, such untrammelled freedom is unusual. The demanding situations dealing with cats in Africa are profound. just one, the ever present family cat, doesn't require devoted conservation task to make sure its survival for the following century. greater than at any time in background, the destiny of Africa's wild cats is in our hands.

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