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By Alv Egeland, William J. Burke

This biography summarizes the seminal contributions to auroral and house technology of Carl Størmer (1874 - 1957). He used to be the 1st to strengthen targeted photographic the way to calculate heights and morphologies of numerous auroral varieties in the course of 4 sun cycles. Størmer independently devised numerical recommendations to figure out the trajectories of high-energy charged debris allowed and forbidden within the Earth’s magnetic box. His theoretical analyses defined cosmic ray entry to the higher surroundings, two decades ahead of they have been pointed out via different scientists. Størmer’s crowning success, “The Polar Aurora,” released whilst he was once eighty one years outdated, stands to at the present time as a frequently pointed out consultant in graduate-level classes on house physics.

The authors current the lifetime of this prodigious scientist with regards to the cultural lifetime of early twentieth century in Norway and to the advance of the distance sciences within the post-Sputnik era.

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Carl’s diary indicates that he carefully re-derived Birkeland’s equations, but found no mistakes. Størmer often dropped by Birkeland’s terrella laboratory, enticed by what he saw (Fig. 3). They spent many hours discussing auroral phenomena. In 1907 discussions, Birkeland and Størmer agreed to write a book together on northern lights and magnetic disturbances. Birkeland would be the first author, and Størmer would have responsibility for its mathematical analysis. Shortly thereafter, Birkeland and Størmer went separate ways (cf.

There the research group could make observations near the center of the auroral zone. Prior to the migration to Tromsø, it was agreed that responsibility for auroral spectral research would be headed by Lars Vegard, who became professor of physics in 1918 after Kristian Birkeland’s death. 7 nm. Before 1913 this was the only known auroral spectral emission line. These tests assured Størmer that photographs were of auroral forms and not unidentified spurious sources. 1). Over his long career Carl Størmer employed many assistants.

He writes: “Though I was thinly dressed and shivering cold, I could not tear myself away till the spectacle was over” (1872–1928) The Northwest Passage (1908) designed to locate the northern magnetic pole accurately. Størmer ascribed his conscious choice to engage in auroral research to scientific discussions with Birkeland in 1903, after visiting the terrella laboratory several times. 1 Auroral Science at Nineteenth Century’s End 33 Fig. 5 Carl Størmer’s hand-drawn picture of an unusual aurora display with two rayed arcs and an intense corona.

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