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By Jean Hugard

Publish yr note: First released in 1973

To the magician and to so much audiences, card manipulations are the main interesting kind of card trick. because the manipulator's ability is the single settling on issue, as soon as a level of card dexterity is obtained the performer can cross directly to research tips absolute to entertain, at any time, with out extra education, utilizing any on hand deck of playing cards for the performance.

In this five-book series, Jean Hugard, grasp performer on degree and with small teams, teaches the passes, palming equipment, shuffles, arm spreads, colour reverses, sleights, prospers, set-ups, and methods within the top specialist models. After displaying the elemental manipulations, he develops a couple of unheard of tips the place the manipulations are used. a few illustrations and step by step motives educate every one aspect because the trick will be given in a functionality. via operating via those methods, from the easy to the advanced, the magician learns his abilities in a qualified demeanour and likewise profits a large repertoire of particular methods. through the ebook a number of manipulations and over 100 methods are explained.

The keys to those tips usually are not popular open air specialist magicians' teams. yet to the complex newbie or semiprofessional who has some extent of card ability, the manipulations and methods built during this ebook will upload to the dexterity of the functionality, provide hours of rigorous skill-developing perform, and support construct a certified, well-rounded repertoire with cards.

"Recommended." — Linking Ring.

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