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In some cases the production of goods for export takes precedence over the production of staple foods, which are sometimes provided through food aid2 (Mannion 2003). At the turn of the millennium, information technology and scientific developments have had significant impacts on agriculture. Information technology can facilitate the efficient use of resources through improved land-use practices. e. they can be used to determine best management practices. In terms of scientific advances, biotechnology is likely to have the most profound effects on agriculture.

Bulgarian organic products are sold with foreign brands which are recognizable by the European consumer. This, for the time being, is the only successful way of breaking into the world market. 4 The Necessity of Efficient Macroeconomic Policy in the Field The fact that Bulgaria is focused on recovering from the recession should not divert our attention from the pressing issues related to what kind of economy we want to develop. If we do not do everything necessary to direct the economic recovery of the country toward sustainable low carbon future, we will be faced with a longlasting uncertainty and considerable expenses due to the energy price dynamics and a destabilizing environment.

For its part this undoubtedly leads to stronger economic competitiveness. All government’s measures to overcome the consequences of the world economic crisis should aim at directing the economy toward sustainable development and low carbon-emission intensity. The opposite would mean unstable and insecure future, growing production costs as a result of dynamic energy prices and problems in terms of climate changes. Bulgarian economy is strongly dependent on tourism and agriculture. These two sectors show enormous potential for developing ‘green economy’.

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