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The Dragon is one of the most uncompromi sing lines of the Sicilian. It is especially pop­ ular with young and ambitious players, as tactics abound. Black places his pieces on their most natural squares, fianchettoing his king's bishop and preparing to create rapid counterplay on the c-file and against the white queenside. So is 1 e4 c5 2 li:Jf3 d6 3 d4 cxd4 4 li:Jxd4 li:Jf6 5 li:Jc3 g6 (la) the ideal system for Black? Unlike the Maroczy Bind (page 62), White cannot clamp down on the centre with the move c4, but he has a very dangerous alternative plan: to mate Black by exchanging off the 'Dragon' bishop and at­ tacking along the h-file.

Td3 ctJxd2 1 0 �xd2 c5 is normal. Then White can attack Black's kingside, but White's king is stuck in the centre. A sharp game results. 4) White moves White has the bishop-pair and he controls more space on the kingside thanks to the e5-pawn. However, his doubled c-pawns are weak and Black has fast development with active play on the queenside. 5) White moves Black's kingside is destroyed, but he has the safer king, rapid development and very active pieces. Here 10 ctJe2 ! defends c3 and attacks d4.

Basic Positions of the Open Spanish 8 7 6 5 3 2 1a) White moves 6 d4 ! robs the black knight of the c5-square and seeks to open the e-file. Due to 6 . . d5? d7 8 lbxf7 ! Wxf7 9 'ifh5+, Black needs to play 6 ... b5 before . . d5 . 1 b) White moves Look at Black's active pieces! But if White gets a firm grip over d4, he will be better. c5 (3) or 9 lbbd2 (2a), targeting the black knight. 40 5 4 3 2a) Black moves The e4-knight is feeling the heat already, with lines like 9 . . c5 ?! 1 0 lbxe4 dxe4 1 1 lbg5 not to Black's liking.

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