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By Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski is considered one of America's best-known modern writers of poetry and prose, and, many may declare, its such a lot influential and imitated poet. He was once born in Andernach, Germany, and raised in l. a., the place he lived for 50 years. He released his first tale in 1944, while he was once twenty-four, and started writing poetry on the age of thirty-five.

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Zap!  I hold the rubber sides 81 of everywhere 82 my balls are snowballs 83 I see stricken bells of malaria 84 old men getting into 85 bed, into model‐T Fords 86 as the fish swim below us 87 full of dirty words and macaroni 88 and crossword puzzles 89 and the death of me, you and 90 the Katzenjammer 91 kids. [Page 82] Bukowski, Charles:i am dead but i know the dead are not like this [from Burning in Water Drowning in Flame: Selected Poems 1955‐1973 (1997), Black Sparrow Press] 1 the dead can sleep 2 they don't get up and rage 3 they don't have a wife.

33 we have everything and we have nothing‐‐‐ 34 days with glass edges and the impossible stink 35 of river moss‐‐‐worse than shit; 36 checkerboard days of moves and countermoves, [Page 68] 37 fagged interest, with as much sense in defeat as 38 in victory; slow days like mules 39 humping it slagged and sullen and sun‐glazed 40 up a road where a madman sits waiting among 41 bluejays and wrens netted in and sucked a flakey 42 grey. 43 good days too of wine and shouting, fights 44 in alleys, fat legs of women striving around Page 48 bukowski, charles ‐ burning in water drowning in flame ‐ selected poems 1955‐1973 (1997) 45 your bowels buried in moans, 46 the signs in bullrings like diamonds hollering 47 Mother Capri, violets coming out of the ground 48 telling you to forget the dead armies and the loves 49 that robbed you.

22 I slept all day and when she came home 23 I was full of the brilliant conversation that she 24 so much 25 adored. 26 she died quickly one night leaving the world 27 much the way it had 28 been. 29 now I get up early and 30 go down to the loading docks and wait for 31 cabbages 32 oranges 33 potatoes 34 to fall from the trucks or to be 35 thrown away. [Page 57] 36 by noon I have eaten and am asleep 37 dreaming of paying the rent 38 with numbered chunks of plastic 39 issued by a better 40 world.

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