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Sign up for Perry as he is taking you on a major trip into a while earlier. discover the tabernacle in Heaven, the sacred furnishings, the construction of angels, the secrets and techniques of the Holy position within the heavens and the way God published the heavenly styles of the Tabernacle of Moses. you'll comprehend the deep mysteries of the Holy position, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Breath of the Holies!

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The Outer Court—Body The Outer Court is where all the priests were permitted. It was the place of the brazen altar and the laver. The brazen altar contained three fires for the sacrifices. The laver was the basin holding water for the priests to wash themselves before entering the presence of God. The physical body (or outer court) must be presented to God as a living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1). The flesh must be laid down on the altar before you can effectively experience God's Glory. Just as the priest took the offering, cut the flesh of the animals and offered them before God, so we must offer our bodies before God and crucify the flesh on the altar!

Likewise, the Fruit of the Spirit is evidence of a spirit-filled life (Gal. 5:22, 23). In the Holy of Holies (the human spirit) is the Ark of the Covenant (Christ Himself). We can receive the Manna (salvation), the Law (sanctification), and the Rod of Aaron (the Holy Spirit) by abiding in the Lord. Solomon Removed Two Items In the time of Solomon, the Bible tells that two of the three items had been removed from the Ark. " —1 Kings 8:9 The Manna (salvation) and the Rod (Holy Ghost power) had been removed and only the Law remained.

The appearance of God's Glory is like a semi-transparent, red glow of bright light. Both John and Ezekiel describe a rainbow around about the throne (Eze. 1:28, Rev. 4:3). It appears that God's Throne sits under this multicolored rainbow. When a rainbow appears on earth, we only see half the bow. That is because the other half is around God's Throne. It is a sign of the covenant God made with Noah after the flood (Gen. 9:13). The Sapphire Stone The sapphire stone is used in relation to the Glory of God.

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