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By Robert Goddard

It's a golden night of excessive summer season in July 1990. Robin Timariot has set out that morning on what he has deliberate as a six-day tramp alongside a part of Offa's Dyke. on the shut of his first day's stroll he encounters an  based middle-aged lady who turns out unusually misplaced one of the sheep and gorse of Hergest Ridge. They alternate just a couple of phrases of dialog, yet their speak is enigmatic -- and unforgettable. a couple of days later, on the finish of his stroll, Timariot returns domestic to benefit from the newspapers that, quite a few hours after their assembly, the girl, whose identify was once Louise Paxton, was once raped after which murdered, besides an artist, Oscar Bantock, who lived close to by.A guy is rapidly charged and convicted of the crime, yet a string of inexplicable occasions starts to persuade Timariot -- and others -- that every one isn't what it kind of feels. Timariot, fascinated with Louise Paxton's reminiscence, is drawn irresistibly into the complicated factors and relationships of her friends and family, looking opposed to his greater judgement for the key of what particularly occurred at the day she died. The nearer he will get to the reality, the extra hideous and unsure it kind of feels to be. and much too overdue he realizes that it may well threaten many robust humans. a lot in order that anyone who uncovers it really is not going to be allowed to live.From the Paperback version.

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