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H. Batchelor and others of our associates. The zinc and mercury complexes of lysine, arginine, and proline have interesting properties, and the metal complexes of asparagine, glutamine, tyrosine, cystine, and their peptides appear to be useful analytical reagents. Among the most interesting reagents thus far investigated as protein précipitants, are mercury thiocyanate anions, demonstrated by Dr. Batchelor, to be specific précipitants of fibrinogen; subsequent addition of zinc precipitating all plasma proteins.

B a t c h e l o r . T h e fraction of t h e p l a s m a proteins w h i c h forms water-soluble zinc complexes and which, following r e m o v a l of zinc, h a s been termed S t a b l e P l a s m a Protein Solution ( S . P . P . S . ) w a s precipitated b y t h e addition of mercury. T h e precipitate, containing b o t h zinc a n d mercury, w a s first redissolved b y t h e addition of t h e smallest Interactions of Proteins with Each Other 41 possible a m o u n t of glycine, a t neutral p H ; then reprecipitated b y t h e addition of zinc ions alone.

Soc, 71, 541 (1949). 10. P e d e r s e n , Κ . , " U l t r a c e n t r i f u g a i S t u d i e s o n S e r u m a n d S e r u m F r a c t i o n s , " ( A r m q v i s t a n d W i k s e l l s , U p p s a l a , 1945); Phys. , 51, 156 (1947). 11. M e l l a n b y , J . , / . Physiol. {London), 33, 338 (1905). 12. Osborne, Τ . B . , a n d Harris, I . F . , Am. J. , 14, 151 (1905). 13. L e w i s , G. N . , a n d R a n d a l l , M . , / . Am. Chem. Soc, 43, 1112 (1921). 14. G u r d , F . R . N . , a n d G o o d m a n , D .

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