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It is a tale of beginnings: a doubtless usual lady quits her task writing computing device manuals and strikes over 3,000 miles to coach at Killer Kowalski's wrestling college close to Boston and turns into Amanda hurricane. 12 months later unearths her scuffling with in entrance of 6,000 humans in a single week and the proud holder of championships in 3 assorted federations. typhoon usually trains with, wrestles, and physique slams males who outweigh her by way of over a hundred kilos. This has earned her the nickname "BlakWidow," and she or he is readily turning into one of many dominant lady wrestlers within the japanese usa and Canada. In BlakWidow: My First yr as a qualified Wrestler, Amanda writes approximately how she obtained to the place she is now, the issues, the victories, and the upheaval in her lifestyles. How did a girl with a college English measure rework herself into the man-eating specialist wrestler she is this day? BlakWidow tells the entire tale in a manner that is by no means been documented prior to, whole with unique never-before-seen photos.

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