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It is generally considered that the best place to revise is the place in which the exam will take place. However, in most cases revising in the exam hall is not possible, so the best thing to do is to vary the location in which you revise, thus creating in your mind a larger variety of accessing cues. For example: 54 THE LIBRARY The library can be an excellent place to revise. Here, it is possible to access a wealth of information when you are unsure about certain aspects of your revision. However, libraries can be daunting places and are often full of distractions such as friends and acquaintances.

Your revision plan should provide variation amongst the topics you need to revise; not only from day to day, but preferably hour to hour. There is a reason that schools vary their timetables – people cannot maintain their learning focus on one subject for an extended period of time. By regularly changing revision topic and taking breaks, this problem should be overcome. 32 E V E RYO N E E L S E I S MORE CONFIDENT Take no notice. The people who come across with the most confidence and bravado are normally the people who are actually the most nervous and have done the least amount of study.

Stop for ten minutes and let your mind recompose itself between chunks of revision – it will help you absorb your study. 52 S T R E S S B E AT E R BLAZE THOSE TUNES As long as it doesn’t disrupt your concentration, it’s OK to listen to music while you revise. If possible, listen to music without words as they can be quite a distraction when trying to absorb particularly taxing subjects. 53 WHERE SHOULD I REVISE? It is generally considered that the best place to revise is the place in which the exam will take place.

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