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Second Strike

An action-packed and gripping sequel to Golden Serpent that includes the indefatigable Mac confirms Mark Abernethy's prestige as a grasp mystery writer In the early hours of October thirteen, 2002, Australian secret agent Alan McQueen is jolted wide awake by way of a telephone call and informed to instantly head to Bali, the place greater than two hundred humans were killed in a chain of bomb blasts.

Rare Birds in Britain and Ireland

This ebook by means of a trio of rare-bird experts is a successor to 2 previous works (long out of print), Scarce Migrant Birds in Britain and eire (Sharrock 1974 and infrequent Birds in Britain and eire (Sharrock 1976). It unifies either one of the sooner books and updates them, including greater than eighty species to the former overall.

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